If you love where you live and want to stay with all the friends you have made then don’t move, renovate that tired looking pool and breathe new life back to your entertaining area. Platinum Pools can dramatically alter even the shape of your old pool, changing the size or adding a spa or new steps or benches Re pebble with the latest colors, add sparkle to the pool  interior and give your pool the shimmer that looks so great when the rays of the sun bounce off the surface. Always wanted more room around your pool? Then widen out the fence and concrete and pave around your pool giving you a place for your deck chairs and sunbathing.

Empty and prep

After the pool has been emptied preperation for the new surface begins and spending time in this area ensures a long lasting bond of your new surface. After this stage we can alter the shape add in steps and new light fittings and remove exterior surfaces and coping.


When all the area has been prepped and allowed to dry properly we can then start with your brand new surface which comes in many colours and finishes.

Finshed product

New coping is added to match the new paving and landscaping that has been installed, the pool is refilled and water is treated ready for a swim.