Revitalized Healthy Pool Treatment

Do you want the best water for your family to swim in? Platinum Pool Products brings you the very latest in pool filtration , treatment and conditioning of your pool water eliminating the need for harsh chemicals that can affect your clothes and skin.

Optimum GRANDER Pool

poolladyOptimum System uses Grander Equipment with doser using only 10% strength Liquid Chlorine.

  • Suitable for:
  • New Pools
  • Converting Salt Pools to freshwater
  • Copper / Ionised Pools
  • Upgrading damaged or outdated equipment
  • Spas


How it Works:


  • Grander Freshwater Pool System (GFPS) condition water structurally, improving water quality.
    Greatly reducing chlorine and eliminating other chemicals.
  • Most chemicals required for pool treatment are used to maintain pH within a specific range so chlorine
    / copper remains effective.
  • The advantage of the Grander Freshwater Pool System is pH remains stable naturally, creating a soft
    sparkling water quality that utilises only small amounts
    of chlorine more effectively due to the removal of all other chemicals / contaminants.
  • Grander Optimum Pools will use 60% less pumping time.
  •  Grander Enhanced Salt Pools filter pumping times can be reduced considerably due to less chlorine
    production required from the chlorinator.
  • Less filter pumping time means less power consumption.
  • Pumping times will become more flexible with the ability to pump more in off peak power times.


Initial results from a study by
Benoit et al*.  (1998) revealed
that showering for 10 minutes
is equivalent to drinking 2.7 L
of water per day from the same
water supply on an annual

Does that mean if you are swimming you are also 
drinking your pool water?