Grander Freshwater Pool System

Do you want the best water for your family to swim in? Platinum Pools QLD brings you the very latest in pool filtration , treatment and conditioning of your pool water eliminating the need for harsh chemicals that can affect your clothes and skin.

GRANDER ™ Freshwater Pool


    • Suitable for:
    • New Pools
    • Converting Salt Pools to freshwater
    • Upgrading damaged or outdated equipment
    • Spas  



How it Works:


    • Grander Freshwater Pool System (GFPS) condition’s water structurally, improving water quality. Essentially it makes it what we term as “living” water creating a oxygen rich environment, in which bad bacteria cannot survive and good bacteria thrive. This is done via frequency transfer without the use of electricity or radio waves.


    • Most chemicals required for pool treatment are used to maintain pH within a specific range so chlorine remains effective therefore the need to add Hydrochloric Acid.


    • The advantage of the Grander Freshwater Pool System is pH remains stable at a more alkaline level naturally, creating a soft
      sparkling water quality that utilises only small amounts
      of chlorine more effectively due to the removal of all other chemicals / contaminants.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
    • A Grander Pool is far more resistant to weather conditions, bather load, and other circumstances that would normally make a pool go green. It also allows the pool to run with a small amount of Chlorine with no other chemicals such as buffer, acid, stabilisers and floculents.




Initial results from a study by
Benoit et al*.  (1998) revealed
that showering for 10 minutes
is equivalent to drinking 2.7 L
of water per day from the same
water supply on an annual

Does that mean if you are swimming you are also 
drinking your pool water?